Fitness App of the Week: XPASS Delivers Quality & Accessibility in Boutique Fitness Through Technology

Xponential Fitness’ XPASS is the only cross-brand fitness subscription in existence giving users access to high-quality exercise classes at affordable prices via one app

Whether in-studio, at-home or on the go, XPASS gives users the ability to purchase a monthly subscription sans hidden fees for access to name-brand boutique fitness studios, including Pure Barre, CycleBar and AKT. Members can elect to cancel online at any time and can workout anywhere at a fraction of the normal retail price. Xponential Fitness, responsible for creating the app, is focused on customer happiness over retention, which is quite unheard of in the overall health and fitness business space. “Our end goal is really to either have people continue to use the XPASS app or become a member at the studio. If you take other activated products, they would be unhappy if they saw that churn in their product. With us, I’m happy if someone experiences CycleBar and becomes a CycleBar member, and continues on XPass or just becomes a CycleBar member,” explains XPASS President Dan Ali.

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