CEO Magazine Feature Article - Anthony Geisler

Fitness Fanatic

When Anthony Geisler decided to take out a membership at his local boxing gym, LA Boxing, over 20 years ago, little did he know that he was setting out on a path that would also reshape the look of his career.

The gym was owned by a couple of boxers with a great deal of passion for the sport. As he fitted in workouts around his entrepreneurial endeavors, Geisler soon found plenty of potential for his business acumen to reshape the operation.


“There was the challenge of opening and running multiple brands at the same time, but there was also the potential to explore the synergies that this brings.”


In 2001, he purchased the gym and dived headfirst into the business of fitness franchising. When he sold it in 2012 to UFC Gym, LA Boxing had become a nationwide name for boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts fitness. Soon after, he made his next acquisition, Reformer Pilates studio Club Pilates and, using the same successful formula, quadrupled the number of studios in an intense two-year growth period.

Club Pilates also became the first fitness brand in Xponential Fitness, a boutique fitness, health and wellness company Geisler founded in 2017. In just over six years, the business has grown into the largest provider of boutique fitness in the world, with 3,000-plus stores across 23 countries. Last year, the company opened a new store every 15 hours.

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